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Find out the real story of my struggle to success

All About Me

The Start Of The Story To Success
(AKA How Stupid Could I Be?)

If you start joining up the dots to where I am today, you are going to have a lot of dots for sure.

You see even though I now earn multiple six figures online, I’ve made more mistakes than anyone I know.

The kind of stupid mistakes that make you slap your head with a DUH!!!

Mistakes that have cost me years of effort and thousands of dollars of wasted cash.

The reason why?

I didn’t really know what I should be doing in my life, so I tried stuff that looking back was always going to be a failure.

I was only going after the money and never once thought “Is this the right money for me?”

Which is one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST of my dots to where I am today,

Earning money is not hard as long as you do what you were born to do.

Want To Know When Things Got A Bit Sexy?

I’ll tell you when things got more than a bit sexy.

And honestly you can let your partner see this, and they won’t mind a bit.

You might even thank me for an evening of wey hey!!!!

Things got really sexy when I realised these two things 

The more fun I aim to have in life the more successful I would become

The more unique I aim to be then BOOM BOOM SHAKE THE ROOM!! 

The more I knew myself and my talents, then the success I craved would come my way.

It was time to find something that made me laugh at danger, thrill at risk, and be able to work in my underpants and nobody would ever know

The Jellyfish Bites Back

So let’s go through this again… to be successful you have to have fun, and try to be as unique as possible.

Take you back forty years you will find a small kid, looks a lot like the host of Join Up Dots, but he has a lot fewer teeth.

This kid is looking up at teacher when around five years old and being asked  “What do you want to be when you grow up, David?”

To which this kid who still looks a lot like the host of Join Up Dots replied, “I want to be a jellyfish!”

“Do you think you could be a jellyfish then?” the conversation continued.

And I apparently replied… ok. Ok it was me all the time… and this is the stuff of legend, if anyone is looking for a really obscure, non-obtrusive legend “I can be anything I want to be!”

Which is quite profound, and leaves me with a distinct connection to where I am now, showing people across the world that it is time for them to be anything they want to be…

The Birth of Join Up Dots...
Forceps Ready Please

April 30th 2014  Join Up Dots was born.

It wasn’t an easy birth I can tell you, as the microphone got caught up and well… it wasn’t pleasant to go through.

But the show, the mission to take 1,000,000 people into a new future and love their life, came screaming into the world.

Join Up Dots was the catalyst to show the world not only how to start their own business, but how to start a business made by fun.

Fun, Fun, Fun everyday…

I want that more than anything else on earth (except for Katy Perry and a bar of soap) and to everyday bring another mind altering episode to the world.

And of course receive another email from someone who is living their dream-life because of me.


Fun, Fun, Fun Till Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away

So there you have it.

Yes, I missed out lots of dots in my life.

I could have told you that I was raised by wolves, spent twenty years teaching origami until the business folded, and once was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

I could also have shared the time when I was asked to be in the latest Star Wars film, but I was having my dinner at the time so had to pass.

But what I have told you is so unbelievably important that you need to have it tattooed all over your body. 

You are on this planet just the once, so why not have the most fun that you can hope to have.

The kind of fun, that when on your deathbed you only have a smile and a take me I’m done look on your face.

That is what life should be about and I am here to show you the way.

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