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Ready To Make Your Dreams Come
True In Just 30 Days?

It’s bloody hard to start a business….really bloody hard and I know….I’ve done it bigtime.

You see most people start seven steps ahead of where they should start, which is only going to end one way..Failure!

They spend their time looking at what other people are doing, getting nowhere & wasting a ton of cash in the process.

They stress and cry and think they are the biggest failure going.

Does that sound like you?

Now I’m going to show you a different way to success.

I’m going to give you your own business in just 30 days.

Could You Imagine Earning 30K A Month But Hating Every Second?

What are you joking?

30 grand a month and hating every second…no way.

I would be happier than a pig in the brown stuff, I’m sure you are thinking.

Everyone would be happy of course they would……but I wasn’t

You see I was in that position and was more unhappy than I had ever been.

I had built the wrong type of business that left me trapped, almost suffering a stomach ulcer and being so stressed I was ageing before more eyes.

Honestly no matter how, at this moment of time, you think that having a load of cash in your bank account is the answer to everything i can assure you, you would be wrong, wrong, wrong.

So I smashed it all up, and went from happily wealthy to broke and stressed.

I tried everything I could to find the business that would give me the freedom that I wanted, the money that I wanted, and also be the most fun that I could have with my clothes on.

It wasn’t easy, it was bloody hard. 

I kept on saying to myself “Perhaps life shouldn’t be fun and enjoyable?”

Maybe you simply go to work, hate the day and then come home exhausted.

Then one day it all came together for me and I realised that wasn’t how life should be, and actually the more fun you have is the way to go.

The secret is to understand how to build a business that plays to your stengths

You don’t do anything difficult or hard (other than of course building that into your perfect business.)

Which is where I suppose your lovable host of Join Up Dots comes into play as i know how to do that very thing.

I'm Gonna Transfer 15 Years Of
Biz Knowledge Into Your Brain In Just 30 Days

For over fifteen years I have been working in the online world building business’s, and fine tuning this process to give me a lovely life of wealth and freedom.

I choose when I work, where I work and who I work with…it’s brilliant.

I’m the host of Join UP Dots, Founder Of Podcasters Mastery and a highly saught after business coach and i ready to take every bit of the last fifteen years and 

I am going to give you the greatest chance you have to change your life forever but showing you another approach to business building where you know that you will win from the beginning,

Let’s build a  business that is like a rocket aimed directly at the wallets of the world shouting “Buy, Buy, Buy” until your bank account overflows?

I’m going to kick you into shape and show you a crap idea will always be a crap idea. 

Im going to save you a ton of cash and stress.

I’m going to watch you develop into an online business owner rocking and rolling big-time.

Ask Me Anything You Want Live..Priceless!

I don’t care what people try to tell you online, NOTHING works as well as being with the expert 100% live.

You need to know that your hard earned cash will bring you the value that you want (and deserve)

You need to say “I don’t understand this?” and get clarity.

You need to be able to ask questions and get the right answers.

Yeah, I could teach you to do something specific via a pre-recorded video and it would work well for that one task.

I know, as I have online memberships sites, rocking and rolling and bringing me in a lovely income each month all on autopilot.

This is different….this isn’t learning a task….this is changing your life and you need 100% live support to speed to where you want to be. 

Welcome to the start of the rest of your income busting, time controlling, constant smiling, lazy afternoons life.

Nothing Works Better Than Face To Face
It's How We Learn The Best

If That's Not Good Enough Already.....
Let's Do The Math

Let’s get your calculator out and do the math.

You need a branding expert.

You need a marketing expert.

You need someone who knows how to deliver traffic to your business.

You need someone who can breath confidence and belief into you everyday of the week.

You need someone who thinks big, and can shake your life of cobwebs to its core.

Have you done the math?

How many zeros are you looking at?

Don’t stress it. I’ve already told you that I’m going to save you a ton of cash and stress.

Building a business is supposed to be fun after all.

We Teach You The Things That You Need To Know
That Makes The Difference

Email Marketing

Community Building

Productivity Tips

Website Building Tools

Content Creation

Honing that Business Idea To An Inch Of Its Life

Target Setting And Accountability 

Hiring Staff / Delegating 

Traffic Generation Strategies

Automation and scheduling too

And much much more…..

We Will Then Surround You With Focused & Committed Supporters

The main reason that people just can’t get going in their business is lack of support and accountability.

They are surrounded by the Berts and Nellies of the world who can’t see how anything is going to work and wont ever miss a chance to tell you so.

(Of course if you are called Bert or Nellie and are a multi millionaire with yachts, companies and more swim wear models than you know what to do with then I apologise…i wasn’t talking about you.)

Our community is rammed full of entrepreneurs, authors, business builders and the most positive folk you can hope to find.

They know what you need to get going, as they needed exactly the same support an encouragement themselves.

If you have a problem in your business, we put our heads together to solve it for you.

If you are feeling down and despondent then …….Group Hug everybody???? 

So Ready To Work Back To Back With A Master?

This coaching package is like nothing else you could hope to gain from a top ten podcasting business master.

Imagine working one on one with David Ralph, live, weekly.

You will be able to tap into the knowledge of one of the greatest minds in the industry today.

You will save years as you rocket forward to where you want to be.

………..all working one on one with the host of Join Up Dots and founder of Podcasters Mastery

Nothing Comes Close To What We Offer