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How do you get in front of thousands of people everyday, and convert them into raving eager to buy followers?

You either create a religious cult and call yourself the messiah whilst trying to keep your sixteen wives happy, or simply start a podcast.

Podcasting is the absolute rocket power for any business, and now you can have your own multiple six figure business following the Join Up Dots method of podcasting success.

entrepreneur podcasts
entrepreneur podcasts

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There is nothing more powerful than being mentored by a been there, done it, bought the t-shirt business expert.

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If you want to be enjoying success, instead of spending hours on Google watching money leaving your bank account quicker than Lewis Hamilton in a nice car, then you need a mentor.

I have built more successful online businesses than Branson and Musk put together…..ok, that’s not true. I must be in third place after them two…..

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Ready to start hitting home runs in your business like never before?

You have a business that is growing steadily, but with a little expert help it could be flying…..that’s where we come in.

It might not be getting the sales, attention, or perhaps it’s even a technical issue that is slowing progress.

Through the Join Up Dots team of business experts…. simply tell us your issue, and we will connect you with the best person within your budget.

Why Google and hope for the best, when you can let us do the connecting for you? 

Business Accelerator

business shouldn't be hard,
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If You want to know more............

HI I’m David

What can i tell you about myself other than I am officially the sexiest UK podcaster, and body double for Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt ?

Actually, one of those things isn’t true now I come to think about it….

Ok, none of them are true but hey you have read it now so I can’t change it….it’s already out there…

But the true stuff is I am the host of Join Up Dots the #1 motivational podcast on earth, and have since 2014 had a rocking and rolling business online.

I earn all my cash from knowing how to create huge amounts of traffic into my business, and teach others how to create their dream lives through doing the same