Believe us when we say, most people are just a step way from achieving greatness in their lives.

Answer ten simple questions and we will show you how you can say goodbye to your boss and create your dreamlife.


I'm Gonna Give You A Business You Love
So You Can Have The Lifestyle You Want

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Most people join our coaching course with no idea what they can do to earn a living for themselves…..don’t worry.

With over 15 years of online success I will take you from lost online novice to business expert in just 30 days.

Blending live coaching with video support I will give you my exact blueprint for online business success.

The system that has taken my businesses to multiple six figures and beyond

So get ready to start planning your leaving drinks from that job you hate….it’s time for you to build your dream life.

Ready To Become An Online Success & Have More Fun Than Is Legal?

Take My Brain & Rock The Online World (You Can Have The Body Too!)

Can you imagine where you would be in life if you could learn from someone far beyond where you want to be?

Take all their knowledge and BOOM a life of your dreams!

Let ya into a secret…don’t let anyone know, but now you can. 

With the sexiest secret online today…the 30 day Brain Transfer aka Own Your Own Biz In Just 30 Days.

Strap On Your Helmet We're Gonna Make You An Online Rockstar

How do you get in front of thousands of people everyday, and convert them into raving eager to buy followers?

You either create a religious cult and call yourself the messiah whilst trying to keep your sixteen wives happy, or simply start a podcast.

Podcasting is the absolute rocket power for any business, and now you can have your own multiple six figure business following the Join Up Dots method of podcasting success.

entrepreneur podcasts
entrepreneur podcasts

Expert Business Mentoring

There is nothing more powerful than being mentored by a been there, done it, bought the t-shirt business expert.

Cut years off your journey to success by learning from the experience of your own one to one business mentor.

If you want to be enjoying success, instead of spending hours on Google watching money leaving your bank account quicker than Lewis Hamilton in a nice car, then you need a mentor.

I have built more successful online businesses than Branson and Musk put together…..ok, thats not true. I must be in third place after them two…..but still doing very very well

Business Accelerator

Ready to start hitting home runs in your business like never before?

You have a business that is growing steadily, but with a little expert help it could be flying…..that’s where we come in.

It might not be getting the sales, attention, or perhaps it’s even a technical issue that is slowing progress.

Through the Join Up Dots team of business experts…. simply tell us your issue, and we will connect you with the best person within your budget.

Why Google and hope for the best, when you can let us do the connecting for you? 

Business Accelerator

"Building Your Own Business Isn't Hard Unless It's A Viagra Business Of Course

Things About David Ralph (A Few Are Even True!)

HI I’m David

What can i tell you about myself other than I am officially the sexiest UK podcaster, and body double for Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt ?

Actually, one of those things isn’t true now I come to think about it….

Ok, none of them are true but hey you have read it now so I can’t change it….it’s already out there…

But the true stuff is I am the host of Join Up Dots the #1 motivational podcast on earth, and have since 2014 had a rocking and rolling business teaching others how to create their dream lives.

Through live coaching, group memberships, one on one mentor-ship, and over 1000 podcast episodes I can show anyone how to be the success they want to be.

I 100% believe that everyone has a talent that can be turned into a thriving business.

I 100% believe that every person reading this can have more fun than any adult should hope to experience in public.

So if you are reading this and in a high pitched excitable voice are shouting “Yes, David….I will follow you into the promised land” then there just a couple of things you need to do.

Strap yourself in, grab another bag of mints for when your ears pop, and head for the stars.

We have got some “seriously fun” work to get through……