101: Dina Proctor: From The Darkest Of Places To A World of Light x3

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview with Dina Proctor

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dina-proctorTodays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is Dina Proctor, a lady who has been on a harrowing journey of hitting absolute rock bottom, and finding her way back to the top.

At the end of 2008, her life had spiralled out of control as she battled everyday with alcohol addiction, food issues and suicidal depression.

She was in a mess and could not have been lower.

Trying everything Dina Proctor possibly could to pull herself up and get herself going, she fell time and time again. Nothing worked for her, and she was lost.

But by unintentional action she created her own salvation, as she began an amazing transformational programme called “3×3 Mediation” which has changed her life and the lives of her clients time and time again.

From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to reconstructing relationships, this easy and yet incredibly effective method has caught the attention and support of Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton among others, and the media. 

Now with a day filled with writing, public speaking, coaching and being madly happy, I am delighted to have her on the show today.

But how did she change her life so dramatically, on something apparently so simple?

How did Dina thankfully not enter in to suicidal actions that would have meant that the world would not have got the gifts that we now have from her.

Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, as we discuss the words of Steve Jobs with the one and only Dina Proctor

Show Highlights


motivational, happiness guru….Dina Proctor.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How Dina Proctor was drinking at lunchtime, and at night, whist keeping her job going and no one noticed a thing!

How you should always reach out to people, as there is great strength being supported by someone who has been through it before!

How her prescribed mediation of 20 minutes was impossible to do after 3 minutes, but that failure actually turned up to be the missing piece of her life!

How you can re-wire your brain and thoughts to create a new environment and life for yourself!

And lastly……

How she described the 12 years of pain and struggle she endured trying to fill a void in her life!

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