199: Mike Domitrz: A Man Living A Life Worth Journaling About

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Free Podcast Interview with Mike Domitrz. 

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mike-domitrzTodays guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots free podcast interview is Mr Mike Domitrz, a man who has a harrowing story, but it is a story that you think “Man that is terrible, but wow he has turned this into a positive. Bigtime”

And as we see time and time again on Join Up Dots, our guest will find their path in life due to a situation that you wouldn’t wish on anyone. But they move from the dark place into the light by perseverance, love, understanding and curiosity.

Back in 1989, he has a phone call that changed his life.

He had been advised that his sister had been raped. What could he do to help? What could he do to support his sister?

Well for two years, he struggled to deal with the rape and the effect it had on his life – both as the brother of a rape victim and as a male.  He transferred colleges – so he could be close to home and his sister during the trial. 

And once back home with his family, he saw the pain, rage and sadness his parents, relatives, and family friends were also going through.  The sexual assault of his sister had changed many people’s lives.

And it was with this dawning realisation that an assault like this was as much based on lack of understanding of what is the correct way to conduct yourself with someone else, as it was a crime.

It was the worlds lack of understanding, of the other personal right of personal standards that was the problem.

Could Mike Domitrz change the mind-set of youngster, adults and anyone with a sexual urge to realise that there was a way of interacting with each other that wasn’t happening.

And over ten years, he worked, talked, discussed, reviewed and developed the “Can I Kiss You” platform, where he uses humour to break down the barriers of this taboo subject.

And now he travels the world bringing his message to the world. 

As he says “”I do feel the work is a calling. The traveling does not get tiring because I know I’m going somewhere to get the opportunity to open minds and inspire a new way of thinking.  I get the wonderful honor and opportunity to plant the seed for them to take care of and nourish.

He is an author, speaker, father of four and husband to his beloved wife, and now here ready to join up his dots, so its with great pleasure that I bring onto the show the one and only Mike Domitriz 

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How unique ability is the key to finding your passion in life……and combine unique ability and passion and you have it all

How he remembers he felt guilt that he was holding his first published book, but wouldn’t have been if his sister hadn’t endured the ordeal that she went through

How it is so important to find the gaps where your new audience is hiding…by not going where everybody else is going to spread your message

How he believes that the entrepreneurial spirit was always in him, right from a young child, but needed something to channel it into a purpose.

And lastly……

How no matter how old a person is they are still able to change their sexual activities and they way they conduct themselves with other people.

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