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Chris Badgett: Changing The Online Educational System By Providing Value, Value, Value

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is with a man whose business partner first appeared on the show way back on episode 94

Now its his turn to join up his dots, and certainly when he starts his email request to appear with “I’m a technology entrepreneur who built an online course building software called LifterLMS. I used to live on a glacier in Alaska with a couple hundred sled dogs and managed a sled dog tour business there. You could only get there by helicopter” then you know that it is going to be an interesting conversation.

But its not just his icy beginnings that interest me, but more importantly what he is doing now and the struggle he has gone through getting here.

Alison Cardy

Alison Cardy: Career Coaching For The Lost And Wandering Masses

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who like most of us start on a path that was right for our parents, but not necessarily ourselves.

To be honest it probably wasnt even right for our parents, which makes it doubly mad that we passivly follow suit

First, she followed the engineering path of her father and older brother, then stepped onto her mother’s career path in accounting.

“I was just showing up. I was physically there, but I wasn’t bringing a whole lot to the table.  I knew it wasn’t the right path for me, but I struggled for a couple of years.”

Niche Websites

Building A Niche Website Around Your Natural Talents

In today’s episode of Join up Dots we are responding directly to two listeners who have dropped us a line asking for help.

Both of them have issues that are holding themselves back from living a dream life and creating their own business.

The first is a lady who is a very talented artist, but is struggling to find a way to market her art to the world in a way that will develop a constant stream of income in to her own life.

And the second is from a gentleman who is struggling to find an idea that would make a great business for him (even though as you see there is one sitting right under his nose already)

Orion Talmay

Orion Talmay: Helping The World Find Love

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a lady who really is blazing a path across the world, being uniquely her and helping people everywhere to find love and amazing relationships.

Now you might expect that the introduction will talk to you about Californian beaches, yoga retreat and other such things.

But by now, as you well know, is not what we do at Join Up Dots.

Instead we like to start with the words of the lady herself who says 

“I was a rebel in my teenage years. At 18 years old, I served in the intelligence unit of the IDF. It taught me discipline and responsibility. Soon after my service ended, my free spirit took me to Japan. Living in this magical place for 3.5 years was better than the best sushi you have ever had. But I knew that life had more to offer, I dreamed of becoming the next Angelina Jolie and moved to NYC to study acting. When I started getting minor roles in independent films, my dream seemed within reach.


Life Shouldnt Be Hard…..So Take It Easy

Life shouldn’t be hard, should it?

We have so many experiences waiting for us.

We have so many places that we can visit.

We can have so many laughs, jokes, and generally fun times that we should be walking around with a huge smile everyday!

But do you see many people walking around with a huge smile?

Caleb Breakey

Caleb Breakey: Ghostwriting Expert Builds The Perfect Sales Funnel

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a man with a skill that most people could use, even if they think they dont need it.

He is the CEO of a premier ghostwriting agency, Speak It To Book, and is an expert at establishing a person as a thought leader by turning their ideas into a book, using less than 24 hours of their time.

He fuses publishing, ghostwriting, and new generation marketing industries in a powerful and personal way, and has earned half a million through his Book Funnel Method and aims to double/triple his clients’ revenue.

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