Month: April 2018

Chris Hutchins

Chris Hutchins: Say Hello To Financial Advise With A Sensible Approach

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is  a man with a real story of seeing his life change for the better, by emplementing a series of financial life hacks.

What is a life hack i hear you cry, and if you’re not crying then you should be?

Well our guest is a master at finding ways to save money whilst exploding the enjoyment in his life.

As he says “I’m an optimizer and an entrepreneur. I started my latest business to share some of the crazy ways I optimize my money and life to save more, amass countless miles and points and travel the world for free.


The Ten Rules To Creating Business Success & The Worlds Biggest Podcast Competition Ever

On today’s episode of Join Up Dots, your host David Ralph shares his learnings from the last four years of hosting the show.

On the 3oth April 2014, and unknown English guy powered up his microphone for the first time and launched a new show Join Up Dots.

Now four years later, and with millions of downloads he has the knowledge and experience to share with the world.


Penji Owner Johnathan Grzybowski: Builds Community Through Graphic Design

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is a rogue risk taker turned entrepreneur.

The original North Philadelphian native turned Camden New Jersey resident, he has always found ways to use his creativity to transform the customer experience through innovative marketing techniques.

He grew his first real startup, Waterfront Media, a digital marketing and design agency, out of Waterfront Lab with nothing more than determination and a dream.

After noticing an industry problem amongst customers communicating with their internal creative teams, he knew there was a better way to streamline the process to save businesses time and money.

Lee Betts

Lee Betts: Linkedin Marketing Leads To Nomad Lifestyle

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is with a man who from the very beginning seems to scream “I am an entrepreneur….let’s have fun”

As he says “I’m 26, from the UK and 5 years ago I quit my job to become a digital nomad. Since then, I have travelled across 15 countries whilst simultaneously building 2 success businesses. I built and sold a traditional bricks and mortar business and I have recently started a growth hacking agency which is on track to go from zero to $500,000 ARR within it’s first 12 months, with zero investment and I only work 15-20 hours per week. The business is something almost anyone with a laptop can start from home, and I’m happy to share how I have done it.

Which is the kind of guest we love on Join Up Dots, so got your pen and paper ready my faithful listeners?


How Do We Gain Confidence In Our Lives?

Todays episode of Join Up Dots is a solo show, where David Ralph answers a series of questions posed by the lovely listeners of Join Up Dots.

Most of the questions in their own way are linked to the issue of confidence: Lack of it, or too much of it, and how it can affect our lives in a positive and negative manner.

So lets start with the first question that 100% is based around lack of confidence.


Sheri Fitts: The Media Maven Cuts Through The Noise Of Social Media

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is with a Financial industry influencer. Popular social media speaker. Author. A creative force in financial services marketing who every single time aims to make their clients marketing unforgettable.

And who would have thought that this all started when she was just five, selling her very own homemade rose-petal perfume in baby food jars, door-to-door.

ShoeFitts is a consulting organization at heart, a training partner, who translates social media, branding, generational issues, business strategy and marketing into manageable steps for their clients.

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