Month: September 2018

Jay Kali

Jay Kali: Women Fitness Coaching Leads To Huge Success

Today’s guest, joining us today on the Join Up Dots entrepreneur podcast interview is a man who with three fitness facilities’ success stories to his name, is an Iraq War veteran,and has been characterized as a true fitness, nutrition, and mindset empowering powerhouse.

He is a contributor for Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Consumer Health Digest, and Smart Healthy Women, as well as featured on ABC 24’s Good Morning Memphis.


John Vespasian: Connecting The Dots Into Stepping Stones

Today’s guest, joining us today on the Join Up Dots podcast interview, was previously on the show back on episode 533 where we talked about learning to be unbreakable

Now he is back with a new book, and to be honest most of the time people ask to come on the show I refuse, as its all “Yeah in chapter five I talk about……”

Not what this show is about at all, but this new book by todays guest pricked my interest as it ties very much into the message behind Join Up Dots

Travis Jones

Travis Jones: The Owner Of The Million Dollar Mindset

Today’s guest, joining us today on the Join Up Dots entrepreneur podcast interview, has a story of resilience, perseverance, psychology and some strategy (with very high risk).

Back in 2007 he founded the Result Based Training gym at the age of 27.

This was going to be a huge success as all new ventures are thought to be, but the truth was very different.

He soon found himself sleeping on the floor in the upstairs office (with his dog) where the gym was located in South Melbourne because he could not afford to pay the rent.

Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel: Attract High Paying Clients Like Magic

My guest today, on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots free podcast interview is an a man who connected with me to request to be on the show.

And this request was very different from most pitches that come through to me that says “David, I should come on to your show as I created a business in my downstairs toilet, and within 30 minutes was making six figures per month!”

No, No, No, that is not how it works, or at least not for the majority of the world, who decide that it is time to create their own income.

Our guest nailed it when he told me “David, the first time I tried starting a business, I thought one juju priest from Africa placed a ‘curse’ on me.

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