Month: October 2018

What Makes A Successful Business

What Makes A Successful Business And Other Questions

In today’s episode of Join Up Dots we look at what makes a successful business and why so many people nowadays truly go the hard way to success.

But first of all lets start with answering a few questions from listeners across the world who have been following the show.

The first one, is less of a question and more of a statement, but it comes from a guy in Perth Australia, who I have had the pleasure to connect with a chat to over the last few months.

Alfie Best

Alfie Best: How To Make Simple Business Decisions The Alfie Best Way

Today’s guest, joining us today on the Join Up Dots entrepreneur podcast interview is Alfie Best, a man who has made a huge success of finding the potential in areas he has knowledge in and then working really hard to make it all come together.

He is a successful entrepreneur driven by tenacity.

With humble origins, born and raised in a Romany Gypsy family, this self-made man studied at “University of Life” and started his professional path totally from scratch.

Karen Brown

Karen Brown: How To Smash The Mindset That Holds Us All Back

Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast business interview is a lady who is living an amazing life of inspiration, mind altering process and travelling the world helping others.

She is an unconscious mind expert in the field of leadership and professional performance, world-class ultra-endurance athlete, successful corporate executive, professionally certified executive coach, keynote presenter and best-selling author.

After many years of coaching leaders, our guest discovered that the unconscious mind is the scientific key to elevated levels of success, with greater velocity and ease and founded her company, Velocity Leadership Consulting to bring this difference-making model and tools of success to all leaders. 

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