Month: March 2019

dark side of entrepreneurship

The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship With Kul Mahay

In today’s episode we discuss the dark side of entrepreneurship.

The bits that you rarely hear people talking about on a business based podcast.

You see so many people will tell you what they want you to see and hear as they get their business going.

They will tell you that everything is going amazingly well and business is booming.

unsupportive friends

Unsupportive Friends And Family Members – How To Handle Them

Do you ever feel let down by that group of supportive friends you have in your life?Then when it comes to your family….well i guess it’s best to not go there…right?Perhaps you really want to feel their supportive push as you head towards your dreams, but instead you get nothing?Well this is quite a common occurrence, in my own family and for many of my listeners too.

Importance Of Time Management

The importance of time management is something that really isn’t that important.The reason for this is quite simply, when it comes to time you can’t manage it.You can’t get more than you are ever going to get in your life. so you better make the most of it instead of trying to manage it.

Steven Griffith

Steven Griffith: The Time Cleanse System

Today’s guest Is Steven Griffith an author, speaker, researcher, and performance expert considered one of the leading authorities on the connection between time, productivity, and performance.

For over 25 years, he has been helping the world’s most successful executives, CEO’s, military leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, and organizations around the world discover their true potential and perform at peak levels.

He provides a strategic and effective approach to changing our relationship to time, allowing organizations and individuals to close performance gaps and realize their full potential.

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