Month: May 2019

How To Find A Business Mentor

How To Find A Business Mentor

How to find a business mentor is the main subject of the Join Up Dots episode.

Feel free to either listen to the podcast through the link above, or simply read the content below.

Lets start however with a few things that have been going on behind the scenes of the show this week. 


Transformation Experts Joeel & Natalie Reveal Their Own Transformation

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How To Be Happy

How To Become Happy With Lisa Avery

If you want to know how to become happy then today’s guest is someone who can show us the way to a smiley world.

I know that for sure as she has done this to me every-time I spend time with her.

There are times when you meet someone through you work, who instantly connects deeper than most.

That is certainly the case with today’s guest, who I am pleased to say has become a really great friend to me and the show.

The Five Stages To Success

Five Stages To Success

When we’re young, we have an amazing positive outlook about how great life is going to be.

But somewhere along the line we forget to dream and end up settling. Join Up Dots features amazing people who refuse to give up and chose to go after their dreams.

This is your blueprint for greatness.

So here’s your host live from the back of his garden in the UK David Ralph

Wesley Chapman

Wesley Chapman: Inspirational Founder of THE HUMAN PROJECT

Wesley Chapman is today’s guest, joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast interview.

Wesley is a man who has a desire to give back to the world and empower the youth of today.

For the ages of 11 to 17 he is creating a movement to assist, support and empower young individuals.

Youngsters that are living or have experienced issues in their personal lives.

living rent free

Living Rent Free With Ian Usher: House Sitting Experts Interview

Living rent free is the dream for most people across the world.You have a roof over your head, but someone else is paying for the majority of your expenses.Seems too good to be true?Well back on episode 138 of Join Up Dots I first interviewed a guy who had an amazing story of action taking.

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