Month: September 2019

katherine liola

Katherine Liola: Money Advice For The Experience Seeker

Katherine Liola is today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast and is a guest has a different way of looking at our finances.

She is the co-founder of Concentric Private Wealth, based in North Virginia, a financial planning company with a difference.

She doesn’t believe in budgets.

She doesn’t believe that giving your children money is always the best thing to do.

She doesn’t believe that all financial advise is right for all people.

Making The Right Decisions That Work For You

Making The Decisions In Your Business That Work For You

In today’s episode of Join Up Dots David Ralph talks on a series of wide ranging subjects as you would expect.
He does have a lot of time to fill after all.
So as you will hear on the show, he discusses why obsession is great and leads you to being as good as you can get at.
Why you should really find a thing that the world sees you as being an expert in.
Why a personal brand is the key to the majority of success that you can get online.

Curt Mercadante

Curt Mercadante: Showing The World How To Live Big

Listen to the Episode Below 0.75x 1x 1.25x 1.5x 2x 0:00… Curt Mercadante: Showing The World How To Live Big Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsPlayer EmbedShare Pls Leave A ReviewListen in a New WindowDownloadSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on AndroidSubscribe via RSSSpotifyTuneIn Radio Welcome to the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast interview with Curt Mercadante To subscribe to the podcast, …

Curt Mercadante: Showing The World How To Live Big Read More »

Kat Byles

Kat Byles: A Life Of Creativity And Passion After Burnout

Kat Byles is today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast and is a lady who has been on quite a journey.

She is a Business and Creativity Consultant with 25 years experience working with entrepreneurs, change makers, creatives and global brands.

Only those that are truly making a difference including Homeless World Cup, Nike, UEFA, Vodafone Foundation, Good Energy, Beyond Sport, Eric Cantona, Desmond Tutu, Colin Farrell and Lewis Hamilton.

Frozen By Doubts

Frozen By Doubts – Jennifer Lee The Creator Of Frozen

Do you ever have days or times when you would rather pull the duvet up over your head and let the world just get on with it?

You either cant be bothered, or more likely you are doubting yourself and you think that you aren’t enough for what the world wants from you?

I know that I struggle with this a lot and in this podcast episode I share a graduation speech from one of the creators of the global hit movie “Frozen”

Jennifer Lee gets up and addresses a bunch of eager graduates as to the daily struggle that she has everyday to believe in herself and bring her talents to the world.

As you will hear for years she fought against really putting herself out there, until she got a grip of herself and stopped allowing the doubts to freeze her to the spot.

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