Month: September 2019

Frozen By Doubts

Jennifer Lee Frozen By Doubts – The Creator Of Frozen

Do you ever have days or times when you would rather pull the duvet up over your head and let the world just get on with it?

You either cant be bothered, or more likely you are doubting yourself and you think that you aren’t enough for what the world wants from you?

I know that I struggle with this a lot and in this podcast episode I share a graduation speech from one of the creators of the global hit movie “Frozen”

Jennifer Lee gets up and addresses a bunch of eager graduates as to the daily struggle that she has everyday to believe in herself and bring her talents to the world.

As you will hear for years she fought against really putting herself out there, until she got a grip of herself and stopped allowing the doubts to freeze her to the spot.

Ramesh Dontha

Ramesh Dontha: The Agile Entrepreneur Rocks It In Just 30 Days

Ramesh Dontha is today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is a man who thinks the world is doing things wrong.

He is the author of the brand new book “The Agile Entrepreneur, The 60 Minute Startup” – A proven system to start your business in 1 hour a day and get your first paying customers in 30 days or less”

Bold and exciting statement, so let’s hear what he has to say.

As he says “I know you’re well aware that would-be entrepreneurs get bombarded with all kinds of business advice all day, every day.


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Greg Gillies

Greg Gillies: Healing Your Inside To Gain The Outside Rewards

Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots business coaching podcast is a Husband, Father of 3, Entrepreneurial Businessman, Coach, Consultant and constantly learning how to evolve into the Greatest Man I can be…

As he says “I am passionate about helping Men release their Past Limiting Beliefs, Influences and Emotions so they can lift the weight of the World from their Mind and Step into the Man they want to be Mentally, Physically and Spiritually…

After 20 years trying to “Have it All” in life,  I found myself feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and thinking their was something was wrong with me…  I hit rock bottom abusing Alcohol to numb the pain….

Kathleen Ann

Kathleen Ann: Power Up Your Marketing Like A Legend

Today’s guest joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast is a lady who for many years worked in the corporate environment.

Building someone else’s dream wasn’t hers and she had to do something about it.

So heading into the world of “doing it herself” she became an entrepreneur and well and truly smashed down those corporate walls forever.

Kathleen Ann is known as the “Money & Marketing Champion” for heart-centred women entrepreneurs (and enlightened men!).

She is the Founder of ‘Power Up Your Marketing’ and holds multiple Money and Marketing Coach certifications.

How To Sleep Better

How To Sleep Better With Christine Hansen

If you google “How To Sleep Better” you will see so many search results it is astonishing.

People are literally tapping away for solutions to their sleeping problems every second of the day.

Now you won’t need to struggle or google anymore as today’s guest is an expert at teaching you how to sleep better.

She first joined me on the show back in 2016 where we discussed her personal journey to building literally her “dream” business.

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