227: Anthony Robert: From A Farm To Court And A Life He Loves

Anthony-RobertTodays guest is a man who has an amazing story from a farm in South Africa to Scotland before settling in the United Kingdom.

And it seems like so many people who appear on the show, his journey began on a path that was closely linked to family responsibilities and the childhood that he came to feel was normal.

His Father ran a sugar cane farm in South Africa, and upon passing away when our guest was just 14 lead to the first dot in our guests Join Up Dots timeline.

Should he allow the farm to be handed over to a new buyer, or run the farm himself to keep it in the family?

But was running a sugar cane farm the true  passion in his life or simply the right thing to do.

Well whatever the case he made the decision to go to an agricultural college for his last three years of school as part of his preparation for farming, and after fulfilling his compulsory military duties, five years later became a farmer.

But that is just the start of his journey, and with further stops via the windy and cold city of Aberdeen in Scotland, and a tennis club in the South of England he found something that he loves doing and is very good at.

Building online businesses he has helped thousands of people increase their online profits from a few hundred to thousands of pounds a month using a number of time tested internet business models.

He is the go to resource for passive income that works whilst you are asleep.

So does he look back at his time as a sugar cane farmer as a lucky escape, or does he regret making the decision to move on?

And what is it about entrepreneurial ventures that excites him on a daily basis?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Mr Anthony Robert.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How you can literally have everything in life if you want it bad enough and take the necessary actions to bring it to fruition.

Why he would love to see an increase in people shaking off those self-limiting thoughts and taking control of their lives.

Why so many people feel the “Law of Attraction” does not work, but they do not take the necessary steps to make it work fully in their lives.

How he wishes that he could turn back the clock and travel more extensively as a young man than he allowed himself to do.

And lastly……

Why becoming a tennis coach was a complete mind-set shift and made him realise that he could do a job that he loved and still get paid for it.

Why Anthony feels that www.healerslibrary.com is great to find ways of breaking down the blockages we have in our mind

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