238: Ron G Holland: A Man Who Loves The Billion Dollar Computer

ron-g-hollandTodays guest is a man who when it comes to building cash flow and attracting wealth into your life is at the top of his game and has been for over 40 years.

Many people who are experienced with growth techniques will focus in one demographic: individuals, small business, organisations and job done.

What makes our guest sought after to spread his message on TV and Radio across the globe, is that he has been able to change the monetary positions of all those groups and more.

He has the ability to change mind-set, encourage people to believe that they can make money and most importantly enjoy themselves whilst doing it.

He has since 1977 written over 18 books including Business books, manuals and audio programs, include ‘Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu’, ‘Talk & Grow Rich’, ‘Turbo Success’, The Eureka! Enigma and ‘Escape From Where I Am’,

But how has he escaped from where he was, and how has he balanced his love of making money with his love of spending money on the things that light him up inside, such as his passion for fast cars, motorcycles and speedboats.

Even going as far as attempting to smash the motorbike land speed world record back in 2009, which stood at  360mph.

Yep on his super fast motorbike he set out to go over 400mph and become the worlds fastest man on a bike.

This is going to be a fascinating discussion about belief, courage, persistence and I’m sure more than a bit of luck

But where did he come from? Where did life begin for this passionate and inspirational Britain?

And has he seen a trait that holds most people back from belief in a world of financial abundance and enjoyment?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Ron G Holland

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How he wrote his first book in just three weeks (back in 1977) and it is still bringing in royalties every month after 40 years.

How so many of us miss out on the simple fact that we should just do something that we can already do, and make a good living out off.

Why so many of us do not realise that if we make one dollar on the internet then we have already seen the roots of wealth start, but we do not allow it to grow.

Why we should all look to create masterminds as early as possible, to tap into the knowledge and passions of minds everywhere.

And lastly……..

Why he believes in the words of Napoleon Hill “Whatever man can conceive, and believe then they can achieve” and works on those words everyday.

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