250: Liz Goodchild: A Lady Who Feels We Should Be More “Me”

Liz-goodchild-websiteTodays guest is a lady who from her base in South London, is bringing lightness and a purpose to clients, friends and colleagues everywhere.

She is a positive person, who thrives on the simple things in life, and likes nothing more than getting her running shoes on and pounding the streets of London and beyond, whilst inspiring ladies to do the same too.

She is a coach, mentor, runner, blogger and best of all…no I shouldn’t say this but an avid listener of Join Up Dots with David Ralph.

Now if this sounds like a lady who has had everything go swimmingly in her life then think again, as  14 years ago, her mum killed herself, and  in our guests own words…..

“To say my world shattered into a million tiny pieces would be an understatement. After her death, I shut down – deciding to stay small – I couldn’t bear the thought of living the life I wanted to live, for fear of my world blowing apart again.

And so I lived like this for many years, working in unfulfilling corporate jobs and feeling like I wanted to crawl under my desk every day and cry.

It was through a mixture of years of therapy and coaching that I began to emerge from my sleepwalking-through-life lumber and start to recognise that life had so much to offer, so much possibility and joy, and it was down to ME to find it inside myself to live the life I wanted.”

And that is the key message to the shows we deliver

It is down to me, you, and all of us to encourage each other to find the lives we want, and get the dream that we deserve.

But more than anything it is down to wanting something so bad that we wont stop until we get it.

So does she look back at her life as one of two halves now?

And where does shed the ability to tackle clients issues head-on, when she has dealt with so much herself in her life?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Liz Goodchild.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weight topics as:

Why it is so important to be aware of the resistance that we have going on in our heads and can hold us back from greatness.

Why so many people aren’t living small, they are just not aware that they can live so much bigger, and should live as big as they can get.

How the successful people in life seem to have so much more time to do the things that they love…yep they still have 24 hours a day.

Why she now believes that she is close to the person that she should be everyday, and is loving it so much.

And lastly………

How to get going in life, by changing direction, changing routine and doing one thing differently and then another and another.

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