253: Julie Ostrow: A Lady Who Is Laughing Her Way To Feeling Alive

julie-ostrowTodays guest is a lady who believes that there is nothing better in life than a good laugh.

And although many of us do this, when a close relative falls over, or some other unexpected rib tickler occurs not many of us ever think of bringing this merriment into our business lives.

You don’t go to work to enjoy yourself, appears to be the mantra that so many people live their lives by after all.

But when you consider the health benefits that chuckling can bring to you, such as a huge boost to the immune System by releasing endorphins, protecting the heart by improving the function of blood vessels, and helping to bring about better sleep then its simply not something to laugh about.

We should all be doing it more, and certainly making sure we do it whilst at work too.

And so our guest over the last fifteen years has taken this approach into the corporate world where, she coaches individuals and teams to reconnect, communicate, and be more productive…through humor, laughter, and improvisation.

She wants us to find the childlike side of our characters and bring it once more to the fore.

Be the person we were before life became serious and paying the bills became our number one focus.

And with the honour of being crowned the American Laughing Champion of 2013, where she fought her way to the top prize by demonstrating such high class cackling as best maniacal laugh, best multiplex laugh and the best laughing fit, there is no doubt she has the credentials to educate, and inspire whilst entertaining too.

So when did she find that there was a need to bring this kind of thinking into the corporate arena?

And what the hell is the best multiplex laugh?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, the one and only Julie Ostrow .

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

Why it is so important to trust your gut intuition and go where it takes you even if it scares you. Going past the fear allows you to grow.

How she believes in corporate land we all play a part or role as we believe its what is expected of us.

How many times she has tried things and they didn’t work at first, but she knew there was something in it to work at making it better.

Why negative stores and gossip is so prevalent in the world and people thrive on that negativity.

And lastly…..

How we all want to feel alive in life, and have the ability to make choices everyday, because we want to make them.

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