257: Johanna Derbolowsky : Making The Change To A Butterfly

Johanna Derbolowsky-siteTodays show focuses in on transformation, and how we can all change ourselves for the better by making simple choices everyday.

Our guest has been helping clients across the world for many years, to take the steps towards awakening our inner butterfly.

And what she means by this, is like a butterfly that soars around the garden, flying on picture perfect wings, we all start our lives as caterpillars.

Crawling around.

Not aware of what we can truly become, and will become if we decide to become our true selves.

The people that we were put on this earth to become.

And our guest has certainly been on a journey to discover who she truly is too.

Being born in Hamburg Germany, she at first studied sculpture and cinematography before moving to New York City in 1984.

Three years later,  she found herself living in Los Angeles and has called the place her home for over twenty years, as she has developed her creativity and built her business to help us all discover how to enjoy every aspect of our lives.

Become our butterflies.

And it is with this passion for change, that led to her building the Quantum Heart Field Experience, where she help people who can feel the desire for change, or know that they are at the starting point of a conscious shift in their lives.

 She is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry, spiritual counselor, and life coach, and published author off the the bestselling book The Transformation Promise:  A Book About Love, Healing and the Flow of Life.

 So its with huge delight that I bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Johanna Derbolowsky. 

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How she believes it so important to start the day in the right way, focusing on the positives in her life and how she is going to make the day become what she wants.

How opportunities often will keep on knocking on the door until we are ready to hear the knocks and open them.

Why great questions as to why we are putting up with bad situations are “What am I getting out this?” and “Why am I staying where I am not happy?”

Why New York was such a difficult time in her life, but made her believe that something good is always going to happen as long as you keep going.

And lastly…..

Why she believes that there is no negative or positive energy in the world…its just energy. And how we react to it, is what makes that energy what it is.

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