259: Sam Bearfoot: A Lady Who Loves A Bit Of Glitter (& Being 100% Real)

Instagram Expert Sam Bearfoot Shares The Route To Instagram Success

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When we started Join Up Dots many, many episodes ago, it was my aim to show you all, how different people achieve different things in their lives.

Some people quit their nine to five and take a dramatic leap of faith, whilst following their dreams.

Other people, like myself, take a more hesitant “Slide of faith” and continue working on the side hustle until the time when it is right to go and do their own thing.

Well todays guest is like that, and is creating an online identity and profile, alongside a brick and mortar business in the holistic world of Kinesiology, which is a holistic approach of simultaneously treating all the aspects of a person, emotional, nutritional, structural and energetic needs, whilst still working for the man. 

After spending a number of years suffering from a vast array of illness and discomfort, she discovered this form of treatment and founded the company Body Sync in 2010, to take her understanding and training out into the world to help others.

And it’s that delight to share and help others which has positioned herself as the Digestion Detective  which is a franchised online show, found in ITunes and available on UK Health Radio each week, where she talks and discusses health and health issues.

Throw into the mix regularly contributions to various publications which have included Health & Fitness magazine, Daily Mirror, Prima and Cosmopolitan to name just a few, you get the picture that this lady is a hustler, who works hard everyday to achieve her aim.

But what is that aim? Where does she see her life going? And what does she love doing most her own thing, or working for someone else?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only Sam Bearfoot.  

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How she packs so much into her life and firmly believes that there will be plenty of time to sleep when she’s dead, and wants to hustle everyday to make the most of the time she has.

Why she feels that overcoming fear is one of the main parts, if not the biggest part of becoming truly entrepreneurial.  

How when she started her first businesses she pushed herself so hard to be a success, she actually earned a valuable lesson by ending up in hospital.

How she remembers that a career officer at school, felt that she didn’t have it in her to grasp her dream, so convinced her parents to help her become more realistic. 

And lastly……

How she did a presentation and realised that she was the only one saying a certain word, and that was the key to who she is………………….a total real and authentic lady…who is great!

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