260: Natalie Eckdahl: Why She Believes Adaptability Is The Key To Success

natalie-eckdahl-siteTodays guest has been on her journey to todays point since back in 1993, when she first began work as a researcher for Shugoll Research in Maryland, where she spent three years before starting a series of positions leading to her co-founding Schedule Max in 2010.

And we see this time and time again on Join Up Dots, entrepreneurs will generally spend the beginning of their careers moving from role to role, as they look to find their own thing.

Gaining experience in each.

Learning what they don’t want to do in life.

Fine turning their skills before finding the thing that lights them up inside.

And this seems to be certainly the case with todays guest, as since 2010 she has worked tirelessly to build the resource Schedule Max, an online scheduling service for businesses across the world.

Don’t waste time trying to find the right time for a client appointment, let them find one that works well for the both of you, which leaves business owners with more time to focus on growing their business and incomes.

But alongside this she has also found the time to go my route and create the incredibly popular podcast BixChix.com, where she interviews amazing female entrepreneurs and a few cool dudes 5 days a week.

Discussing their journeys, struggles and passion to go that one step further each day, even when they feel they are at the end.

So does she feel that she has found the love of her life with both these businesses, or are they another stepping stone towards the big one….her life’s work?

And how does a guy become a cool dude and make it on her show???

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots with the one and only Natalie Eckdahl

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How she was so fortunate to break down the superhero syndrome that all entrepreneurs struggle with, when due to a new arrival, she simply knew that it was “Help me” time.

Why her Mother encouraged her to go into business, before she made a big splash in the business world by starting her own swimming tuition school.

How she would stay in a job until she mastered it and then get quickly bored and look for the next role to take, gaining experience all the way.

How she believes in being adaptable and feels this is a key part to overcoming fear and tackling challenges head on

And lastly……

Why she loves the phrase “An organised evening makes for an organised morning” and tries to bring that ideal into her daily routine.

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Also check out the amazing podcast BizChix.com here or send Natalie a message on Twitter

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