263: Michelle Joni: Who Wants The World To Keep Playing

Michelle-JoniTodays guest has a fascinating tale that has lead to a success that many adults might stop for a moment and ponder why and how has that occurred?

She is the owner and founder of a skipping club in New York city, whereby she arranges groups of people to get together and go on skipping adventures.

And when we say skipping, yep it is as you might be imagining.

It’s the type of hopscotching, kid type of skipping which is going down a storm around the streets of New York, but you may not have done it for years.

Each outing, which includes a few pit stops along the way, is centred on a topic of the week, such as the Beatles or Valentines Day, and a bit of dressing up to match that theme is required.

And this for many would sound dreadful, but for others (me included) sounds fun, enjoyable and a fear smasher.

Skip your way around New York and literally change your life whilst your doing it.

Don’t be worried about what other people think, but just do your thing, and love doing it.

And that statement really empashises what todays guest is doing through to her core.

From working at Vogue and Saks, to creating an online game, to help her experience every amazing thing NYC had to offer, to wearing an afro for months on end and writing about it . 

She is a lady on a mission, doing things her own way, and loving it.

So did she always have this energy of creative fun in her life?

And why does she think that the world is by and large frightened of enjoying themselves, and looking for ways to enjoy themselves whilst earning at the same time?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Michelle Joni. 

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How you learn in life that you can find playfulness in all areas and situations and that is the key to enjoying the moment.

Why she feels that community is the new guru, and to try to surround yourself with people who are inspired by your actions.

Why she never felt that her values could be matched when working in corporate roles.

How she loves to start dancing and performing on trains to leave a message of “You all can do this too!”

And lastly…..

Why her mantra is “Change your outfit to change the world” and believes whole heartedly on taking creative decisions with our images.

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