268: Michael Guberti: The Teenage Entrepreneur Shares His Global Vision

Michael-Guberti-siteTodays guest is one of those guests that I love having on the show, because they put so many of us old guys to shame.

He is the founder of “Teenager Entrepreneur”, an educational and empowerment online membership site that guides teenagers to discover their passions, and profit from them.

Even though still a young man himself he realised early that self confidence was the key to teenagers finding their passions, and then believing totally that they can turn those passions into money making enterprises.

By cultivating a profitable income, and focusing in on their futures, aspiring teenagers will foster self-confidence which then leads them to tackle bigger and bolder visions.

Having networked with and learned cutting edge business strategies from New York City’s most influential, ranging from Mike Michalowicz to Patty Lennon and Ramon Ray, he offers years of business insight.

Bu if you think that this is a guy who is sitting in his bedroom creating online capital and courses, then think again, as he is also the driving force behind the weeklong summercamps, whereby in person he will cover each segment of the online membership site and really help his students to success.

Teenager Entrepreneur is built on the principle of helping teenagers to transcend their current state and become extraordinary.

Wow I love this, talk about hustle.

So where did he get his vision for the Teenage Entrepreneur?

And why has he managed to do something so successfully, that so many people struggle with until much later, or sometimes not at all….find their thing in life.

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only, Mr Michael Guberti.

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How he was so lucky to join forces with his younger brother, and the talents and strengths they bring to the party.

How he believes that we can all find our passions in life by simply asking ourselves two questions.

Why he made sure that he built mental triggers into himself, to help him overcome the fears that stop us all in our tracks.

And lastly…..

Why he wakes every morning grateful for his day, and why he believes it is so important to start his life this way.

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