270: Selena Soo: A Lady Who Found Life Easy When She Did The Things She Loved

SELENA-SOO-SITETodays guest is a lady who I have wanted to have on the show for quite a while, as she does something on a daily basis that so many people struggle with.

She has learnt to beat the fear of reaching out to people that she doesn’t personally know, and get to know them.

She calls it networking, but other call it a step too far.

It’s the thing that can stop so many people in their tracks as they start to build a business.

Why would this person respond to me?

What have I got offer to that person?

But it’s true to say that she, has built a whole business around the right way to do this, and  is an expert in making connections across the world, and now uses these connections to build a powerful basis to help her clients explode their incomes.

Starting her education in New York, she gained both a Bachelor of Arts and a MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, which of course set her on the right track to where she is today

But as we talk about time and time again it is great to have the education but nothing helps you more than flexing the hustle muscle on a daily basis.

Add to that the ability to play to your natural strengths and you are cooking on gas.

And that’s what todays guest did, as although not considering herself as an entrepreneur she showed this hustle whilst still in business school, when she organised a conference to empower women, and in the process made lots off great connections in the media by doing so.

She had found the thing that lights her up inside and makes her want to spring out of bed every morning, but like so many of us didn’t realise that she had.

Instead she went into the traditional corporate route and moved through a series of positions at Avon, Step Womans Network and Claudiachan to name a few, working for the Man or Woman and building her business experience.

However, she came to the point when she knew that the path she was on was not the one for her.

She had enough in her armoury to go out on her own and in 2013 created the S2 Groupe and made the leap.

So how did she not realise back in business school that connecting people, and showing the world the best practices for networking was the thing she should be doing?

And how did she know it was time to go out on her own, and was she as scared as all of us who decide to make the leap?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Selena Soo.


Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How much of what she does today can be traced back to her upbringing as a small girl in Hong Kong…even if she didn’t realise it did!

How she believes that we all have to go beyond what we think we can do at the time, and then build upon that standard time and time again.

Why we shouldn’t reach out to people we don’t know and ask “How can we help you?” as it is actually adding to their workload by thinking of what they can say!

How she now finds that she has a very low tolerance level for not doing the stuff she doesn’t truly believe in our want to do.

And lastly…..

Why she believes that we should all treat the world with respect and understand that there are rules to follow, but also ones to break too.


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