273: Chad Hymas: A Man Who Found His Dot In The Words Of His Father

chad-hymas-siteIn 2001, todays guest had everything – a beautiful wife, two sons, two thriving businesses and parents and brothers who loved and supported him in everything he did.

It seemed he couldn’t fail.

Everything he touched turned to gold.

And then a rushed decision to ignore safety in favour of getting home to see his baby boy take his first steps changed everything forever.

A few minutes of caution could’ve kept his golden life on track, and he would live to regret his decision – until he changed his mind about what his life was for.

A 2,000-pound bale of hay shattered his neck leaving him a quadriplegic.

But his dreams were not paralyzed that day – he became an example of what is possible.

With desperation, dedication and determination, and the help and love of his family and friends, he set out to reinvent himself, take risks, and do things he never thought he could or would do, even when his body was whole and fully functional.

In the years since his accident, he now travels the world, speaking to companies, kids in schools at all grade levels, families and individuals whose lives are being remolded by their own events.

He has become the living demonstration of what is possible, if we find different ways of doing what must be done.

So why can he now see the possibility in his life which weren’t visible to him before the accident?

And if he could go back in time, would he still allow the accident to happen, or does he now see it as a gift to finding his true path in life?

Well lets find as it with great delight, that I start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Chad Hymas.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How he feels that he was living the dream before his accident, and now is fortunate to have his second dream come true too.

Why the people of the world are our fast track to success, and we shouldn’t ever fear asking for help from strangers.

Why so many of us benchmark ourselves against others, but actually they are just on a different timeline.

Why we should explore dropping the word “I” from our social media content and replace them with “You, We” and “Ours” instead.

And lastly…..

Why being unexpected in life is the key to inspiring and sharing the love with friends, family and the world.

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