281: Lunden De’Leon: Taking Every Step She Could To Achieve Her Dream

Lunden-Deleon-siteSome women are go-getters.

Some women are business-minded.

Some women use their struggles as building blocks for their success.

Todays guest does all of these things.

Born in Barbados but raised in South Carolina she had her fair share of ups and downs before she came to be known as the powerhouse she is now.

After a brief stint as a Burger King employee as a teenager, she was bitten by the entertainment bug after seeing her gospel-singer father perform.

And with total belief that she could make it, she decided to pursue her dreams, and found herself in Hollywood, homeless and with only $200 to her name.

After attending a model calling, due to solely overcoming her “hungry and penniless” state at the time, she not only booked the audition, but scored a one-year modeling contract the same day.

Not long thereafter, she made her small screen debut on the hit series Vital Signs, – filmed in Los Angeles, but broadcast in Germany – in which she starred as a young woman trying to make it in the United States, a storyline not too far off from the rising star’s own life.

And now she was up and running and she continued to make a name for herself with a host of subsequent movie and television appearances, including the NBC sitcom, Just Shoot Me!

But her biggest break, however, came in 2003 when she launched her very own record label, Dirrty Records.

Upon the label’s success in its home of Los Angeles, a second branch was set up in South Carolina, where the entrepreneur still calls home.

So were did she get the belief that the only way to move was forwards?

And when did she get fist inliking that success was to be had if only she kept hustling like mad?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start Joining Up Dots with the one and only Lunden De’Leon

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How she ended up hitch-hiking across America as a young girl, and is amazed at the ballsy nature of her character to do such a thing.

How she recalls singing into her hairbrush for hour upon hour like most small girls, until she knew that it was time to go after that dream.

Why people are frightened to let go of what they have in life, even if it doesn’t really make them happy everyday.

And lastly…..

How the most important thing you can have in your life is your own personal belief that you are going to achieve what you want.

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