284: Josey Milner: Singing Her Way To The Country Music Awards

josey-milner-siteTodays guest on Join Up Dots is a lady that has been delivering musical performances to the world since the age of seven, and I can imagine was belting them out in her bedroom even earlier than that too.

She grew up on a farm in Missouri, and could often be found hanging around the local rodeo stadiums, where she would delight in such activities as Barrel racing, and getting up on stage and singing the National Anthem to the cowboys, cowgirls and of course the audience.

There was certainly a ballsy approach to her upbringing as a small child, that has led her to take on bigger and bigger challenges as she has grown.

And those challenges have come often as she has stepped into the country music world with her well received singles “Not Pretty Enough” and the foot stomping back to rodeo roots “Cowgirls”, whilst also forming a band and playing everywhere she can.

Its the live work, that really sharpens your tools, and turns your talent into something that the world ultimately takes notice off.

But don’t just think that this is a story that is about a hugely ambitious country starlet racing her way to the top, as she is also trying her hardest to  give back to the world with a cause she is hugely passionate with, stopping bulling in childhood.

As she says “When I started doing rodeo pageants, I received a lot of criticism and backlash from other kids. It was a difficult time, but thanks to the support I had with friends and family, I was able to overcome that time period. If I can help just one person feel like they are not alone, and that things will get better, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do.”

And with a tour of schools undertaken, to speak about bullying she is taking action and inspiring youngsters throughout America to do things a different way.

So what was it about growing up in such a rough and tumble environment that has helped her on her way to Country stardom?
And can she remember how she felt on those early occasions standing on the rodeo stages and the spotlight turning in her direction?
Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, with the one and only Josey Milner


Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How when she started in the music business she knew she had to have a plan, as she also knew that she didn’t have a clue how to start anything, so just took lots of action.

How she remembers how she lost so many friends at college due to her belief in herself and their obvious lack of belief in themselves.

How she struggles with song writing and is scared that the process is going to be hard every time she starts.

How you have to look after yourself when you are school, and sometimes it simply comes down to standing up for what you believe is right. 

And lastly…..

How she looks back at the bullying in her life as actually part of what has made her flourish in a hard industry such as the music business.


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