291: Joe Serio: A Man Who Likes What He Sees In The Mirror

jo-serio-siteTodays guest on Join Up Dots is one of those people that when you start reading his about page you think…”Is this real or has he made it up?”

When it starts with, “he spent 10 years in the former Soviet Union investigating the Russian mafia and working with the KGB”, you start to think this is one that will be fascinating to see where his dots have lined up.

But the surprising things about him keep coming, he grew up in a family of 14, lived in China, loves using musical instruments to demonstate his opinions and views, and well……I guess we will find more and more as we go on.

Nowadays he is an international speaker and author with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, but the underlining theme of much of his work is to help people overcome the fears that hold them back.

As he says its all about getting the nerve to succeed.

Learning the skills to overcome those self limiting thoughts that not only hold us back as individuals but have the same effect on organisations too.

If we were to become more ballsy, and have a plan to help us overcome our fears then we can do amazing things.

So what did he learn growing up in such a big household that he has taken into his adult life…not least how to get in the bathroom before anyone else?

And does he see more and people wanting to change direction but unwilling to risk what they already have in their lives?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Joe Serio.

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How it so important to focus on the dots of your future and look for ways of joining them up to make those goals occur.

How when he was a kid he was scared of everything, and had to find a way to escape the version of him that grew up in New York.

How he remembers watching of 9/11 occur in front of him, and knew that life was so precious he couldn’t afford to be scared anymore.

How he sent an email to all his siblings asking whether they had a problem with him, in order to move forward in his life.

And lastly…..

“Face the brutal facts” by Jim Collins has become the mantra that comes back to him time and time again, and is such a powerful game changer.

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