296: Jaime Pfeffer: A Lady Beating Perfection And Finding The Vultures

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Jamie-Pfeffer-siteTodays guest on Join Up Dots is a lovely lady who from her core, believes that we can all have a lovely life.

She loves nothing more than teaching the world the tools to find our life bliss.

Yes, come on listeners if you have only got one thing from listening to Join Up Dots everyday then it should be this.

If you are slogging your way through life, feeling exhausted, and wondering why life is so hard, then you are travelling along the wrong path. You need to work out why you can’t get out of bed each day, with a “Yay, its a new day” shout.

She is just about to bring to the world a new project called “14 Day Radical Self Love Challenge” and has also just launched her Uplift Membership Group.

But this isn’t a story of someone who is a naturally bouncy person, and was always on an inspirational helping others kind of gig.

As she has gone from a severely anxious and depressed woman for most of her 35 years to an empowered, inspiring woman doing amazing things, conquering her fears and teaching others how to do the same!

So what was it in her past that led to her feeling so anxious about the future, and what she was doing in her life? And are there simple steps that the listeners can take forward

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Jaime Pfeffer

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How she used to battle with hitting levels of perfection that were unattainable in her life, and struggled with the worlds perceived perception of her.

How she came to the realisation that she had to give more time to herself, instead of giving it to everyone else all the time.

How she started to see vultures circling in her garden and found out that she was coming to the end of a two year cycle.

Why it is so important in life and so much easier much easier to be in a positive mind-set than a negative one.

And lastly……..

Why it is so important to allow yourself to be quiet and allow the little voice come through to show you the direction that you should be travelling.

How To Connect With Jaime Pfeffer

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