299: Cassandra Smith: Picking Up The Letters Left For God

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cassandra-smith-siteTodays guest on Join Up Dots is a lovely lady who has a wonderful mission in her life.

She wants to bring hope, passion and enthusiasm to those kids who feel that life is a place of darkness and where they have nothing in front of them but a certain and bleak future.

Through her first book Letters to God: Diary of an Unsilenced Generation, she raises awareness of the plight of hurting teens, the struggles they face, and how to promote hope in their young, often broken, lives.

And what makes this publication more powerful is that these are not all words that she has written herself, but Letters to God is a compilation of handwritten notes gathered at youth events around the nation.

These are true life tales of hurt and despair, which highlight the honest real life struggles that the youth of the world face.

But its not just the darkness that these book has brought to the world, as within every chapter our guest brings her experience of tackling these issues head on, with great insight which has been widely praised across America.

A resource for friends, parents, family and the sufferers themselves.

So what was it that made our guest focus her attention and passions on a problem which is so wide spread and difficult to tackle?

And does she feel that her movement is just the start of something that ultimately will be bigger than herself and the others that follow her.

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots, with the one and only Cassandra Smith 

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How she believes that most of the worlds troubles can be solved over two cups of teas, and a good conversation.

How she moved 21 times in her first fifteen years, and found the ability to connect easily she’s feels because of it.

How she believes that getting frustrated in your life is a key point to achieving stuff, and we should embrace that frustration and make it work for us.

How Starbucks and cha tea lattes became her haven in life, and allowed her to disconnect from life and connect with her inner voice.

And lastly…..

How she has learned that her tagline to her life “is pointing to wholeness.”

Free Gift From Cassandra Smith

Letters to God: The Harder Stuff compilation addresses some of the more difficult themes that Cassandra found as she toured America, listening to the heart of teens as they shared their struggles.

A companion version to her book “Letters to God: Diary of an Unsilenced Generation” this book tackles not only issues–but how to get help for yourself or someone you love who is going through a challenging circumstance.

Letters to God: The Harder Stuff is FREE on Amazon’s Kindle February 20th-22nd http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L8F2MMU

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