305: Therese Skelly: A Lady Who Changed Her Life With The Keys To A Nissan

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Therese-Skelly-siteTodays guest on Join Up Dots is a lovely lady, who was introduced to me by another lovely lady Joan Sotkin who appeared on episode 242.

She said to me “David you have to get my friend on the show, she has hustle, passion, and enthusiasm coming out of every pore”

And so that is what I have done, and she has a brilliant backstory that makes her perfect for a show like this, as in her own words she starts with

“Guess I’d say that I am the quintessential “Accidental Entrepreneur.”

I didn’t come to the party via business school or any well-crafted plan.  Nope.  I listened to Guidance and jumped in the middle of the deep end!

My first career came about with a Master’s Degree and 25 years of counseling experience. That actually gave me a fabulous foundation to understand the inner working of the mind, motivation, behavior, and those crazy unconscious parts that hold us back.

But it did NOTHING to prepare me to run a business or make a bunch of money!  Not at all.

That has come through grit and grace!  Being committed to do whatever it takes to learn and grow.  Finding mentors who will shine lights on the places I can’t see. Being in focused action, and a fierce and firm decision to follow this path and never, ever give up on my dream.”

And that my faithful listeners is a blueprint to success, and one that will be worth you grabbing a pen and paper and jotting down the nuggets of gold I just know we will deliver on this show.

So how did she find the courage to jump in at the deep end, when so many people are scared of even dipping the toes into the water?

And looking back on it, are there things that she would have differently that can make our transition from unhappy employees to life loving folk?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Therese Skelly.

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How her promise in business is “You can earn money doing something you love” but so many people struggle to truly buy into this concept due to years of programming. 

How she lost everything in her life, and ended up at a point that she knew she couldn’t go any further downwards, and then started to take control and fought back.

When you say to “Yes” to whatever is offered to you, you only then have to make a decision on the next step that needs to be made. Just one simple step will move your forwards.

Test everything when you first start building a business, and even if you end up not liking it then you will have at least learned that you don’t like doing it…..great advice!

And lastly…..

If it feels good then go with it as more often than not then you will find you enjoy it so much that you will work so hard that you will cant fail to make it a success. 

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