307: Laura Steward: She Wanted To Go To Space, But Is Now Hitting Even Higher Heights!

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laura-steward-siteIt’s with great delight that I welcome on todays show a lady who is the a author of a very cool book called, What Would a Wise Woman Do: Questions to Ask Along the Way.

But don’t think for a moment that this is a show that will only apply to the ladies of the world, as this is all about living an amazing life, and working out the right questions to make this happen.

You see that is the subtle difference.

Most people go looking for the answers, but skip the most important part….the questions.

From the wisdom she learned at her mother’s side to the insight she gained baking pies with her Grandmother, our guest has developed an innate ability to ask the questions that propel business leaders and entrepreneurs to incredible achievements.

And this is where it gets really good.

It’s not about working from a higher level of consciousness.

Or having the inside track that has cost thousands of dollars to get.

Instead our guest works from a simple philosophy – “Treat people better than they expect to be treated”, and it is from this belief that she was able to carve her niche and stand out in the highly competitive IT field, building Guardian Angel Computer Services from a sole employee business into a leading provider of Managed Technical Services.

And we can all do that can’t we?

Teat people well, help people get everything they want in life,  enjoy ourselves doing it and see the amazing life start forming around us!

But of course the million dollars question is why do people have a hard time buying into such a simple premise that leads towards success?

And of course having a wise woman on the show, what are the key questions that we should be asking ourselves on a daily basis to help us along the way?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Laura Steward. 

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How Downton Abbey has made her realise that even in television dramas people do not know the proper questions to ask as to why they are in certain situations.

How her first love in life was to be an astronaut, and believed that being a woman was going to stop her from achieving her dream of going into space. 

Why she sees the work and  life of Angelina Jolie as creating a state in the actresses life that is one of peace and contentment, which she wants very much herself.

How one of her favourite things in life is to ask people to write down their goals and drill down five times to really understand why they have set those goals.

And lastly…..

How she realises when she is purely herself and not trying to be what anybody else wants us to be then its like she has ben sprinkled with rocket power!

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