317: Josh Turner: A Quick Stumble Into The World Of LinkedIn

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josh-turner-siteTodays guest is one of those that I feel we will need to have on the show more than once.

The first time, in true Join Up Dots fashion we need to delve deeply into what makes the man tick and discover how he went from being an employee to the creator of several very successful online businesses.

Starting his working life in Construction, and then moving into architecture it seems to me that at his core is a man who loves building stuff.

I can imagine him now as a small child with a box of Lego, or pens and paper, laying on the floor as he planned some new invention or creature out of his imagination.

So after leaving the “corporate world” in 2009, he started Gateway CFO Solutions  primarily working as an outsourced CFO for small businesses, leveraging the networks he had built online and off.

As he says “By 2011, some of my clients started noticing the things I was doing on LinkedIn to grow my business and asked me if I could help them do the same. One of them hired me to do it for them, and that’s when LinkedSelling was born. Since then, our company has seen exponential growth and we’ve started LinkedUniversity.com, Webinarli, and Onward Magazine.”

So as I say, Im sure there are so many of you that are thinking “ok , how can I do the same…and I’ll be honest I had the very same thought”

So without further ado, lets bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only, Mr Josh Turner.

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How he went through a redundancy in his past and although it was tough on so many people he would definitely go through it all again. 

How he believes that focus is the key part to the business that he is building, although he sees it as a paradox as flexibility will need to be in place too.

How you don’t need to take the path that everyone else is doing in life, and in fact creating your own path leads to less competition.

How future generations will have such an opportunity to create a life that is firmly within their control as they will have the belief that it is possible before they start.

And lastly…..

How his dots have bounced back and forth, inside out, but they have been generally been congruent to the path that he knows is firmly his.

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