329: Brennan Dunn: Building Towards His Best Launch By Years Of Scraped Knees

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brennan-dunn-siteTodays guest has lived in the world of freelancing for quite a few years, since starting on what we like to call the Slide of Faith

Yep, todays guest didn’t take the old leap of faith, but instead did lots of after work hours.

He came home everyday and instead of laying on the sofa watching “Breaking Bad” he provided freelance work for clients that he slowly built up.

And small steps, lead to big leaps, and after a while he had enough clients to be able to quit his job and freelance fulltime.

Now this was important dot on his join up dots timeline, but maybe not quite as big as a dawing realisation that came to him a little bit later on.

He realized that he was losing out on a lot of opportunities by staying small.

He needed to think bigger, to reap bigger rewards.

So he grew his company and over time opened up an office, expanded to a bigger office downtown, and quickly had eleven full-time salaried employees on the payroll, with clients all over the world, and some very recognizable brands coming to him for his expertise.

But life often will have different plans for us and this was certainly the case with todays guest.

As family and health reasons made him step away from my brick & mortar agency, and he now makes his living providing great software and products to freelancers and consultants from his upstairs office, with his wife and two girls just a room away.

He loves what he does, and loves helping others find the success that they are seeking within their own personal lives.

And now with his company We Are Titans doing better and better, life looks very good indeed.

So what does he get from freelancing and the entrepreneurial route that he didn’t get by being an employee in a corporate gig?

And does he believe that all of us have a knowledge or skill that we can translate into an income stream if we decide?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Brennan Dunn.

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How he recalls that when he started building a business he made a lot of wrong decisions that affected his family,  and wouldn’t do the same thing again.

How even as small child he always had the dream that he would build a large business, inspired by his fathers great success, and perceived time freedom.

Why he would advise his daughters to look at creating their own income when they start building their own futures.

How he feels that you should be more critical of your successes than your failures, as you can then multiple those learnings to build towards more success.

And lastly…..

Why he is so convinced that the starting point to his life, was deciding how he truly wanted his life to become and then making the decision as to how to make it so. 

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