332: Geoff Akins: Inspiring The World Through A Square Bubble

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geoff-akins-siteI am delighted to have todays guest on the show, as this man really sold himself to me, with an amazingly detailed email summarising his life asking to come on the show.

And believe me, if I had known about him beforehand, he wouldn’t have needed to contact me, he would have been first on my list.

He has an amazing tale, which is pure Join Up Dots all the way.

So lets share with you a few of the things that he told me, before we bring him onto the show.

I spent 20 years doing work I hated before deciding I couldn’t go on.

I decided I HAD to learn my Life’s Purpose and meditated on the answer to that question for a year and was rewarded one night with a dream that inspired me to become a teacher.

My life eventually fell apart / Dark Night of the Soul ensued. I lost my home, my teaching job, my marriage, and my pride. I decided to take my own life but a sudden flash of light gave me the hope I needed to just keep going. I started healing my life from the inside out. I attended a men’s group, therapy, 12 Step work, etc to work through my issues.

Well if that doesn’t lead us into the most amazing show, then I don’t know what will.

So how did he go from this point, and dragged himself to the point where he could make the life changing leap of faith?

And does he now look back and see the things that he was doing wrong, and see clearly how he has replaced them with the things he is now doing right.

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Geoff Akins 

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

Why he used the metaphor of the square bubble to demonstrate the persistence that is required to make the impossible possible.

Why young kids live in a state of wonder and amazement, and as adults we need to find that path back to that state, so we can live the dream life.

How he had a huge panic attack, and knew that the route that he was on was so wrong for him. But how do you turn your back on something that up to that point was your life?

How he had an epiphany whilst watching Tom Hanks classic Christmas film “The Polar Express”  when he realised that his own personal lack of belief was holding him back.

And lastly……..

How one day he was in the classroom and simply picked up a bottle of bubbles and started blowing, and his life was never going to be again. 

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