333: Lauran Star: The Bus Driver Takes The World On The Ultimate Journey

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Lauran-star-siteTodays guest has a wonderful tale of how she got to her point of success today.

Starting probably as far away as she could from the motivational, success fuelled powerhouse she is today, who inspires ladies across the world to stop surviving and start thriving in life and business.

She started her own personal journey in the Military, where she did nearly ten years working for Uncle Sam with the 309th Field Medical Company.

And we see this time and time again, that although a million miles from the corporate route, it actually sets amazing foundations and organizational skills that can be used to maximum effect when becoming a civilian again.

And this certainly seems the case for todays guest, as from this point onwards you can see the dots joining up big-time, as she built up her confidence and talents by working in multiple roles within the sales, training, and leadership areas, and even performing roles on and off Broadway.

She is the CEO of LS Consulting and an International Speaker, and in her spare time the international host of “Empowering Women – with Lauran Star “

She believes that we all have the skills and talents inside us to literally create the life of our dreams.

We just have to start tapping into our personal power and blast our way to the gold.

We need to find the time that we actually have in abundance, but are using the wrong way.

So does she look at her time in the military as the perfect grounding to where she is now?

Or would she have liked to have the extra ten years, now she has really found her thing and is blasting forward on a daily basis?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Lauran Star

Show Highlights

During the episode we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How we all truly grow in life by moving through areas that are truly uncomfortable and need to actively seek out these times.

How she remembers entering into the Broadway theatrical world, to escape from herself, hide and then truly find herself.

How she remembers being sacked from her job as she truly found the Lauran Power that she had been looking for her whole life. And it was with her all the time.

Why she needed to tell her husband that she was getting on a new train and it was his choice to get on that train or not, but she was off.

And lastly…..

How she knew that when she is dealing with her most stressful situations in life, they all are all occurring because of her own actions.

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