339: Josh London: A Man Making Profits Appear Like Magic!

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Josh London Magician Podcast InterviewTodays guest is a man who has been helping clients from varied industries get their businesses to the top of search engines for quite awhile.

With an eye for design, strategy, and incredible expertise, together with his team they will create a marketing campaign that is perfect for your business.

But this is a strange one, or it seems from the outside, but in perfect Join Up Dots fashion I’m sure we will be able to make sense of it by the end of the show.

Born and raised in San Diego, at a young age he received a magic kit as a present, and after quickly learning every trick he could, he started charging neighbourhood kids to see his magic shows.

Throughout high school he would routinely perform at private parties and corporate events on the weekend then go to school during the week.

He realized that people will pay top dollar for quality entertainment, and so two magic companies as a way to offer his magic services to the public were born.

But to be honest even before we have brought the guy onto the show, you can see that to become either an entrepreneur or a magician means that you have to get used to failure.

It takes years to be able to master either of the professions.

It’s that stickability that helps you get to the top, and most importantly keeps you there?

So has he always been able and willing to flex his old hustle muscle and get out and about to make things happen?

And would he ever have the desire to end up the new David Copperfield and have a three year residency in Vegas?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Josh London.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

What makes a great magic trick is the technical aspect combined with the performance of the act. One doesn’t operate without the other, but do both right it is literally magic.

He shares why he truly loves not knowing anything about a subject, but then studying harder than anyone he knows to become an expert in that knowledge gap.

How you can set up a website to teach any subjects that you want, and literally create a global income that will continue to pay out whilst you sleep or play.

How any couch that you buy, can end up being the greatest couch you have bought once it becomes comfortable to you. You have moved to the next stage of your life which is a great metaphor for life.

And lastly……..

How he once did an amazing magic trick with a dove, where he threw the bird up into a spinning ceiling fan and stood in a shower of feathers holding a bald bird.

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