341: Felicity Aston: Living A Life With No Plan B

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felicity-aston-siteI have been looking forward to todays show for awhile now, as I am fascinated by what makes people push out of their comfort zones and literally go to the extreme of that point.

Why do people feel driven to drag themselves across climates that not only are very uncomfortable, but can actually kill you.

And thrive whilst doing it.

And todays guest is someone who is driven to do that kind of thing time and time again.

She is a writer, speaker and adventurer and inspiration to everyone that she meets in the world, who love to live her life through the stories she tells.

But what is also amazing to me time and time again, is to see how some of the smallest things in life can have the biggest influences on us.

Her first ‘expedition’ involved being bribed up an English Mountain at the age of nine by her parents with a packet of Opal Fruits.

The key words were to that statement was it all started with a bribe of sweets, but the sense of achievement on reaching the top, and standing there in the pouring rain was the first step towards where she is today.

And where she is today is being recognised as the first woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone, awarded the MBE by British Royalty, and someone who seeks out irresistible challenges and captivating stories in the planet’s wildest and most extraordinary places.

And now from her base in Iceland she is scheming for more and more experiences that she can tackle head on, much to the delight of the rest of us.

So how did she go from thinking “That was exciting” to “I can make a living out of this”?

And does she see that deep inside all of us is a desire for adventure and challenge, but for whatever reasons we hold back on it as we can quite believe that she should do it?

Well lets find out, as we bring onto the show to start joining up the dots with Felicity Aston MBE.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics such as:

How she feels that her core essence in life is a simple case of curiosity, and loves nothing more than looking at the fringes of life and wondering what goes on there.

Why she finds the question of “Why” such a frustration when she gets asked it by people, and has taken years to realise that the answer is “I’m curious!”

How she looks back in life and realised that there was no plan B, and she literally lived hand and mouth to make it work. Reckless? Yes, but she did it!

How she knew that she had to develop her hustle muscle to get the life that she wanted, even though she hates doing it more than anything else she does.

And lastly…..

How she recalls crossing Antarctica and entering into the record books, and then feeling a mild sense of disappointment when it all finished.

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