342: Tim Conley: Working When He Wants, Where He Wants, And Having The Dreamlife

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tim-conley-siteTodays guest is known as one of the top direct response marketing consultants in the startup and online entrepreneurship communities.

He’s famous for generating for his clients six and seven figure revenue breakthroughs, and doubling their time off, all while they live, work and play anywhere in the world.

And isn’t that we all want. The ability to blend work and vacations, so one becomes the other and vice versa.

As a coach, advisor and mentor to over 400 founders (plus several hundred Foolish Adventure students), he has developed systems for helping entrepreneurs discover their strengths, build their authority and skyrocket their revenue.

In 2004, he moved away from Portland, Oregon and finally broke free of in-person consulting, and since that time, Tim has made use of mobile technologies to allow him to live, work and play anywhere, too.

Just recently he spent a month traveling around Bali while running his high-end mastermind (global), coached 3 entrepreneurs (2 in US, 1 in Australia) and finished up a consulting project for a client in China.

Through his posts, podcasts and coaching, he will help us all do the same — gain the freedoms of Time, Income and Mobility by transforming your business.

He has a passion for living, enjoying himself, inspiring others and saying goodbye to the self limiting thinking that traps so many of us.

So how did he grasp the ultimate productity mind-set that works so amazingly well to achieve the big goals and the big life experiences too?

And does he look at the world in general and think “Put on new glasses people…you just can’t see what time you are wasting!”

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Tim Conley

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How he remembers being poor at the age of seven when he would watch television and think “Why haven’t I got what these people have?”

How he loves being able to travel across the world, and still being in contact with his clients even in the most far flung places.

Why he feels that the world is held back from a lack of training in how to accept responsibilities in our own lives.

Why it is so important to surround yourself with the type of people that you want to be in life, and you will be amazed at the momentum you make.

And lastly……..

How he ended up in the air force, even though he hated being told what to do, didn’t want to kill anyone, and wanted to live a full life…..not the wisest decision he ever made. 

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