343: Austin Netzley: Living A Fantasy Life But Laying Every Brick Himself

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austin-netzlet-siteI love it when you start researching a guest to have them on Join Up Dots, and you see a huge amount of facts on their about page, not least a big square “It all begins with mind-set”

Well todays guest has a history that so many of us will resonate with, as we start on our careers, looking for the ultimate success that we believe is our god given right.

But unfortunately more often than not the big man in the sky, doesn’t help us out, and instead we have to go through the hard times before making that decision that it’s down to us and nobody else.

Well, our guy today graduated college with a similar tale to so many people coming out of the education system.

He was $80,000 in debt (mostly student loans), had an empty bank account (~$100 at most times), a middle-class mind-set, and lots of ambition, but also stress, fear, lack of confidence, and a lot of uncertainty about what to do with his life.

Sound similar?

Well let’s then tell you that whilst working in the corporate world, even with that uncertain start to his working life, he managed to pay off his debt in under 3 years, retire’ at the age of 27, travelled around the world (25 countries and counting!), have well into the 6-figures in 3 different accounts, created his own investing algorithm, and started his first side business which led to a gross income of more than $100,000 every year (between salary, bonuses and investments), and here is the kicker….

Most importantly, he found personal freedom, confidence, peace of mind, and ultimately, happiness.

As he says “I don’t say any of this to brag (actually, my biggest fear in the world is to come off as a bragger). I say this to show you what you can achieve, and that I’ve learned some things that work very well.”

So how has he managed to find the way to the kind of life that so many people want, but can’t truly believe should be theirs to have?

And does he look back at his starting point and ever think….if I could only go back in time with the knowledge I have now….”Wow….what a ride it would be?”

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Austin Netzley.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

Why everybody should start focusing in on doing one thing after another, and then do even more until you find the tipping point, and that is how success is built.

How he can now see that his earlier confidence was held back by the vision of himself that he had formed as a much smaller child.

How he can see that even whilst he was an employee in his corporate gig he had already started to take control of his life, and that is how he has created remarkable momentum.

How he can now see his big dot as moving down from Ohio to Texas, even though he knew no one and felt really uncomfortable in doing it, it was the start of everything. 

And lastly……..

Why his sister thinks that he lives in a fantasy world, and can’t quite see that our guest is making his home in a world of fantasy by the decisions that he has made..

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