352: Jason Kotecki: Breaking The Rules That Dont Exist Daily

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JASON-KOTECKI-SITETodays guest taps into something on a daily basis that we also talk about on a daily basis.

The connection between being an adult and the child we once were.

You see, as we discuss on Join Up Dots there was once a time in our life, when we free and able to dream big.

We could sleep well at night, and wake up rested, ready for another day of big dreams, fantasy lives, and well being a kid.

And our guest came to the same realisation  although from a slightly different route.

You see our guest left college and along with his wife entered the “real world” and quickly noticed a few things.

Like the fact that a shocking number of grown-ups are inflicted with Adultitis.

They looked around and thought, “Hey, kids don’t ever seem to be very stressed out – what do they know that we don’t?”

As they say ” The “Adulthood” we encourage people to escape from is the one they create for themselves when they assume childhood is nothing more than a stage of life, a hermetically-sealed portion of their past.

It is the Adulthood with all the stupid rules, the one that demands we always do the safe and prudent thing, that we earn play through hard work, and that we must always, without exception, take ourselves way too seriously.

Yeah, that’s the Adulthood that sucks.

This desire for escape is not new. But too often our attempts are limited to cheap thrills, strong drinks, or mindless entertainment.

We believe there’s a better way.”

Well lets find out what that better way is, because I feel they have already got believer in me.

So its with delight that we get to bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Jason Kotecki

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How he loves to be able to choose his time and his work schedule, to get the perfect work life balance in his life.

How he does not really know where his life is leading to, but he knows that the mission they are on will get them to the perfect place.

How he had so many people tell him when he started corporate speaking, that he had to wear a suit, which totally went against the branding that he was building. They totally missed the point!

Listen as he tells an amazing story of how he joined up his dots, to achieve a dream of publishing his first book. Dots that took fifteen years to join up.

And lastly……..

How he recalls getting his first booking to speak for a company in Seattle, and barely broke even financially, but still was excited at the opportunity 

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