353:Nichole Kellerman Wurth: Finding The Fun In Weightloss

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nicole-kellerman-siteTodays guest on Join Up Dots has a story that so many ladies, and I suppose men can resonate with.

For many years she has battled with the issue that many people struggle with each time they look into the mirror.

Her body did not look like how she wanted it to look, and no matter how many diets, exercise sessions and days starving herself she went through, it was never good enough.

Upon leaving High School she realised that she wanted to lose some weight, in fact 30 pounds and set about doing that for the next two years.

But growing up she was never taught the importance of eating healthily or exercising.

So she was utterly lost on where to start.

But what happens when you realise that the battle is not the way to go?

What happens when a person comes into your life that can lose weight by having fun and living?

Well this happened with our guest and as she says” He was “Live In The Moment King” and his life philosophy was get out, have fun and live like there’s no tomorrow. This was uncharted waters for me and super scary, to be honest. I was definitely your typical “Type A.” Checklist, to-dos and well-thought-out plans were the foundation of my life (if I could’ve planned my entire life, I probably would’ve). But I was so sick and tired of living with the perpetual abusive thoughts that I was willing to set my fear aside and start *really* living, no matter how scary it felt.”

And now the transformation is amazing as we will discuss on todays show.

So is it about being in a state of fear and challenging yourself, that really gets the juices flowing and help bring about weight loss?

Or is it just that by focusing in on other things you realise the best things occur naturally, and not by forcing the issue?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Nichole Kellerman Wurth.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How she loves living in the mountains of America, and feels the slow pace of life really allows herself to thrive, and is a stark contrast to her childhood.

How she now feels that she is addiction free, especially in regards to her work and loves nothing more than focusing in on her vision of whats shes building.

How she has learnt to forgive her parents for the childhood she had, and can now see that so many of her clients need to embrace their own forgiveness to move forward.

How she found it so her hard letting her husband take control of the finances from her business, but is really glad that she has done just that.

And lastly……..

How no matter how dark the periods of her life, she can see with total clarity that there is a gift to be had. There is learning to be gleaned in everything we do.


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