355: Joshua Cartwright: Finding The Knowing In All Of Us

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joshua-cartwright-siteToday guest on Join Up Dots is an author who has written several books looking at the way that we operate in the realms of personal development.

Winning many raving fans, who lap up his easy conversational style, he breaks down the kind of issues that hold us back, such as self esteem, mindset, and other such stuff.

But the interesting thing to me, is it doesn’t look like he was someone who knew at the beginning of his career that he was going to be an author of note.

Take him back in time and it looks as if his early working life, was one of trying to find his thing.

As he quite literally whizzed through job after job, with many only lasting for a few months at a time.

Yep he worked for banks, customer service departments, and even a taxi cab company as he worked at finding the first big dot.

He worked at finding the dot that started leading to where he is today.

And that seemed to begin with three letters NLP

He became a student of the mind and for the next 15 years found his audience, his value, and his wealth, as he in his own words “I used over 15 years experience in using personal change psychology to help people make radical changes in their perceptions, thinking styles, emotions and beliefs. My goals are to help clients have personal breakthroughs in their everyday effectiveness, and especially to help people who have a ‘vision’ for making themselves and the community-world around them a better place.”

So is he in a much better place now, due to those many jobs he had in the beginning or because of what he has done since?

And where can he see his life going, bigger and bigger dreams, or cementing the position that he has found? 

Well lets find out, as we start joining up dots, with the one and only Mr Joshua Cartwright.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How he has spent the last majority of his life looking for a reason to why he is here on this planet, digging through the dirt for the gold everyday.

How if you push through your quittable moments in life, then you will find your salary ends up much higher than you could possibly imagine.

Why it would be a great idea in life to try to look forward to the tough times, as these are the ones where we can gain the greatest strength to take forward.

Why there is no better time to go for the dreams you have in life, and in fact you should go for the big dreams and start dreaming today.

And lastly……..

When you pray, believe totally that you already have something in your life, and then go out and make that thing come true.

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