362: Donald Kelly: A Man With Wind In His Sales

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donald-kelly-siteSometimes you can’t see the path that you should be on, even though you are on the right path.

And that seems to be the case with todays guest on Join Up Dots, who started working in an environment just as a job, and then found that he loved the very thing that he was surrounding himself.

He found his thing in the world of sales, and now calls himself a “Sales Evangelist” and gets his message of the best sales techniques and personal stories of success out to the world on his very own show “The Sales Evangelist Podcast

He wants to bring the best tips and advice from the most experienced sellers to the struggling and overwhelmed sales executives, that fail to see that the perfect closure of a sale, isn’t a forced sale, but one where the customers wont let you go without signing on the dotted line.

But this story is one of those that I find so fascinating on join up dots, and bridges the gap between the listeners and the successful entrepreneurs and movers and shakers.

As he is still on a daily basis hustling like mad to make the future that he deserves.

He still works fulltime for Advance Processing and Imaging in Florida, and when he isn’t in the Florida sun with his lovely wife will be work on the slide of faith, leading to the big leap.

So does he find it a struggle to balance his life as a sales coach, podcast host, and an award winning speaker with his everday commitments?

And what has he found as the hardest part of starting a new venture…the idea, or the action?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Donald Kelly

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

Why it is so hard to look at the successful people in life and realise that they actually worked harder than anyone else to get their rewards.

How you have to find the passion that is within you, and then decide how you can provide great value to others out of that passion.

Why the tortoise and the hare is such an old story, but it has so much truth in it that is worth going back and reflecting in its words.

How it is so important for everyone to look closely at the people that you surround yourself with, and you need to start finding your support team now.

And lastly……..

How he can see that the big dot in his life was having a breakfast with Jared Easley the host of the amazing Starve The Doubts show.

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