365: Alexis Wolfer: An Entrepreneur Finding The Beauty Without The Pain

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alexis-wolfer-siteTodays guest is a lady who when it comes to looking good, and feeling great she has it down big time.

She has her fingers on the pulse on what it takes to make ladies feel good about themselves.

Which, coming from a house full of ladies like I do, must be an almost impossible job.

Graduating from Washington University in St. Louis she earned her Master’s Degree from Columbia University, in 2009 and went straight in to the entrepreneurial route.

Yep, unless what I have researched is wrong, there was no way that our guest was going to be an employee sitting in a cubicle for nine hours, and she strode boldly into the world of freelance.

But the fascinating thing is that from March to June 2009, she started three ventures which are still going strong today, freelancing for the StyleCaster, TheLuxurySpot and of course being the CEO of TheBeautyBean.com 

The latter being the place where her readers get an intimate and expansive look at beauty, health and wellness without the focus on weight loss, dieting and the number on the scale.

She currently lives in Los Angeles (although she’s still a New Yorker at heart!), and seems to have been born with more hustle muscle than the average.

So does she see that the self-esteem issues that ladies have is something that is getting worse as time goes on?

And does she see those same issues in herself or has she beaten them into submission?

Well  lets find out as we bring onto the show, to start joining up dots with the one and only Alexis Wolfer.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How, when she was a small girl she battled with eating disorders, and found a great lesson that led her to believe that you are what you eat.

How when she was in college in the US she started off her studies and switched quickly, and feels you shouldn’t be afraid to pivot.

How she recalls how she worked so hard for the first two years of her business, and how it was unbelievable she was still willing to take on more.

And lastly……..

How her Dad would have the shortest phone calls in history when she would phone up for support……”You can do anything…goodbye!”

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