369:Laurie Burton: Changing Her Life Through The Eyes Of A Whale

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Laurie Burton-siteTodays guest on Join Up Dots has been using the power of the spoken word for over three decades

For over 30 years, corporate leaders, actors, sales teams, and professionals in all areas of the marketplace have relied on her training to assist them with reaching their goals of speaking more powerfully, selling with finesse, and leading with inspiration.

But this isn’t a lady who has simply come through the corporate route, standing in front of bored directors in the boardrooms of the world.

No, this is a veteran performer of film, television and theatre, who has trod the boards, appeared in hit shows, and movies too.

But it seems to me that a key moment in her life wasn’t whilst she was in the spotlight, as such but instead when being hired by a corporation over 25 years ago

The hiring guy looked at her resume and said to her “Leave out the words ‘acting techniques.’ We don’t act here,”

To which she replied, “Oh, I beg to differ. You act every day. All business people have a role to play and the key to success lies in their performance.”

And, by “acting” I don’t mean faking, pretending or imitating. I DO mean, delivering a message or script or any communication with authenticity, passion, energy and animation”

Wow, that was a ballsy response to someone wanting be hired.

So is that a clear indication of what you get from this lady, or was this another example of acting and delivering a message?

Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Laurie Burton

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How she remembers seeing her family standing on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl, and knew in her heart that she needed to follow suit.

How you have to go out to the end of that branch to face your fears, and if you fall off don’t worry about it. Just climb up the tree again.

Why the lessons in life that she took with her into adulthood mainly came from her brilliant mother, and her entrepreneurial acumen.

How she left college and became a secretary at Paramount, and calls herself the world worst secretary  but loved everyday in tinsel town.

And lastly……..

How she found her big dot when she ran her hands down the face of a huge whale……and knew that she was going to return home to change her life.

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