375: Runa Magnus: Discovering Her Branding Through A Countries Collapse

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runa-magnus-siteTodays guest joining me for an hour of discussion on Join Up Dots, is a lady with a fascinating path to where she is today.

Back in 2009 her country was in disarray. 

Iceland had suffered a huge economic crash, and financially was on its knees.

So she was asked to play a leading role, working with the nations leaders, who collectively worked together to reinvigorate the country following the crash. 

The group tapped into the values and future vision of the island nation and transformed Iceland’s economy by branding their uniqueness, or their X-factor, as she calls it.

Seeing first hand the immediate benefit and long-term results of a whole nation working collectively to discover who they authentically are, the outcome of this unique assembly became one of the cornerstones of her successful business branding process.

She has transformed her own career and currently dedicates her work to supporting global leaders and their teams to brand their own X-Factor to unleash their fullest potential while discovering their own flow in business and life.

Now if that sounds a bit highbrow, then let’s hear how she phrases it in her own unique way “Finding the thing that makes you unique is often right in front of your tits”

Which I love and totally understand, and when you my trusted listener understand this statement you will wonder how you had never seen the thing right in front of yourself too.

So does she look back and now wonder why it took a national disaster for her to reinvent herself and find her own x-factor?

And does life become more and more fun, when you do step bolding into your own areas of genius? 

Well let’s bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Runa Magnus.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:

How she believes that so many people need to go through a downturn in fortune to find their true selves.

How we live on a planet full of 7 billion people, and there has to be someone that likes you and can become your customer out of that total.

How she is so careful about the feelingS that she leaves behind her, as she is aware that her words will be forgotten but the feeling wont.

And lastly……..

How she can pinpoint her big dot to standing in a river fishing for Salmon with her friends in Iceland, listening to the Prime Minister on the Radio.

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