404: Dr Tom Preston: A Man Who Knows When Enough Is Enough

Welcome to the Steve Jobs based Join Up Dots Podcast Interview
with Dr Tom Preston

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dr-tom-prestonTodays guest, joining us the Join Up Dots podcast interview is Dr Tom Preston, a man who has a mission in life.

He wants to inspire the world to design their life, and go for the big dreams by asking themselves some huge and deep questions.

He was asked by his coach  to ask himself “When Is Enough Enough?” and after struggling with answering that question the penny dropped.

He needed to define what success meant to him.

He needed to define the life he truly wanted.

And it certainly worked as he is now a highly acclaimed public speaker, life & business coach, chiropractic consultant, and advisor who helps unlock the potential and authenticity of his clients, readers, and listeners.

His customized approach of unifying professional goals with personal talents has helped countless people discover the success they want to achieve.

He truly believes everyone has the power to find fulfilment in their lives, bringing them closer to their dreams and providing the necessary mechanics to allow them to hold on to those dreams.

So is this the missing part that so many people fail to spend time on? We don’t ask “When is enough?”

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Dr Tom Preston.

Show Highlights

Why he can see such truth in the words “life can only be viewed backwards to live it fully forwards.”

How he recalls playing truant from school as a young child, and traipsed into the Canadian woods on his own, single-mindedly creating his own life (if just for one day)

How he loves escaping to his island, locking the world behind and focusing in on helping others, and creating value to the world.

Why so many people cant see the true essence to their life purpose. How they need to see through the eyes of others to move forward to the life of their dreams.

And lastly……….

How Steve Jobs never answered a call, and why should he? We should all play to our strengths and bee focused on every action we can do better than anyone else.

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