424: Badou Kane: Changing The Lives And Minds Of Africa

Badou KaneTodays guest joining us on Join Up Dots, is a man who is tackling an issue that is in so many ways bigger than one man can tackle.

But that is not stopping him.

In fact the enormity seems to spur him on to greater and greater achievements.

From his home in Senegal Africa, he has founded R.I.S.E an organisation to help counter the unemployment issue that is affecting so many young adults and their families in his country.

He is trying to inspire and encourage a new generation of Young Africans to believe that they can become entrepreneurial and create their own incomes.

He is trying to change mind-sets, so the unemployed  can start thinking of ways of creating  their own economy and changing their own lives.

What makes this program so fascinating is how our guest brings together education, fitness, Language studies, inspiration and communication to give his students the greatest chance to achieve.

He builds a foundation of achievement before certifying the students as graduating his course and setting them off to go for their dreams..

So what was it that got the fires burning to start establishing these centres across Africa?

And how did he overcome those initial fears that stop so many great ideas from even finding their first faltering steps.

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Badou Kane

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Badou Kane such as:

How he has developed and fine tuned the assessment process to find the diamonds in his organisation – The A player students that will change the world.

Why it is so important to find your “Why” in life to create a truly authentic path that will help you overcome the true struggles in life.

Why we see it so often that after the hardest things in life, more often the easiest things will follow closely behind.

Why so many people fail in life, because they are trapped in the comfort zone of reaching their hand out for what life will give them, before working for something.

And lastly….

How a failed dream to become an NBA player, was a driving force to go forwards and take the true dream.

How To Connect With Badou Kane

Email: badoukane@gmail.com



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