430: Rick Martinez: Finding The Bink From A Drink

rick-martinez-siteToday’s guest is one of those guys that you could find yourself next to in a bar one day, and have the urge to buy him drink after drink.

The reason why?

Well this is a guy who has achieved what most people yearn for in life, and is willing to let us in on the secret.

He has made a career out of doing something that he loves, and in the process started a business with nothing and made it into a multi million dollar company.

As a veteran, registered nurse, writer, and successful entrepreneur, he brings a wealth of experience that he has gained through the years, welding it all into a tremendous passion for impacting lives.

He is an author of BINK, where he helps us create miracles by recognizing and honoring those life changing moments that open the door to what’s next…which he calls Bink moments

And also it seems, he has an almost unnatural connection to sheep…….the last guy who got him drunk in a bar told me this.

So what is it like to live a life that is a WOW more often than not?

And is this something that anyone can learn, or do you need a talent or skill that is inbuilt to gain the keys to the kingdom?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only Mr Rick Martinez

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics with Rick such as:

Why he likes being weird and going on a different path to others, and celebrates the fact that different thinking brings different opportunities.

How he had a terrible accident in his life that gave him the realisation that his life was going in a direction that wasn’t him, and it was time to change.

Why we all have the most powerful tool in the world at our fingertips to change our future – Google and should start with typing “HOW TO” as soon as possible

And lastly….

How entrepreneurs more often than not fail to celebrate their successes, but should actually turn off the pc and go out and shout “Yes!” to the world. 

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